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How Can The INCX Solar Motion Sensor Lights Be Your Ultimate Best Friend?

How Can The INCX Solar Motion Sensor Lights Be Your Ultimate Best Friend?

“Have you been wondering about any possible chance of a good lighting system that is economical and works wonders at the same time? If yes, then you have landed just at the perfect place. Today we are going to review the incredible INCX Solar Motion Sensor Lights for you.”

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We can understand how annoyed you are from investing up a hefty amount in an outdoor lighting system yet get nothing in return. However, with the INCX solar lights, all your issues about lighting will get resolved in a few seconds.

Keep reading this article till the end to learn everything there is, to know about this motion senor light and its unique characteristics. So, let’s get onto it!

Why Choose INCX Solar Motion Sensor Lights Over Others?

There are way too many reasons to compel you to go for the INCX Solar Motion Sensor Lights Outdoor. For your convenience, we have mentioned some of the reasons below to make a quick decision.

Whether you want to hold an outdoor BBQ or want to have a relaxing time for yourself, this sensor light will give you just the perfect company. Powered with solar panels, they know how to give the perfect amount of light required.

Made of the sturdiest materials, this solar light is going to last you for ages. Besides, you never have to worry about recharging it or changing the batteries. It comes with a high-quality solar panel glass that can recharge your light and give you bright light, not for hours but days.

Incredible Features Of INCX Solar Motion Sensor Lights

1. Luminous Range

If you hate scorching light at midnight, then this solar motion sensor light is perfect for you. It has 2 LED heads that can provide you the appropriate frequency of 1600LM of 5500K white light. So, you never have to complain about disturbing light.

2. Motion Sensor

This solar motion sensor light has a 120-degree angle and a robust motion sensor. Therefore, it can deliver more light without any wait. As soon as the motion sensor on the light detects motion, it is illuminated for 30 seconds. Moreover, if the sensor doesn’t detect any motion for an extended period, the lights will switch off automatically.

3. Ultimate Protection

This Solar Light with Motion Sensor comes with IP65 Waterproof protection. Due to the best protection measures used, this solar light is ideal for use on the terrace, patios, decks, or even fences.

4. Extended Life

This solar outdoor light comes with a built-in 2200mAh rechargeable battery. Additionally, it can deliver 1500 times of illumination when fully charged. Besides, they can charge automatically during the day and begin working when night falls.

Pros And Cons Of INCX Solar Motion Sensor Lights


  • DIY installation
  • High sensitivity sensors
  • Bright light
  • Affordable price


  • Low-quality build-up
  • Lacks controls

5 Tips To Have The Most From Your Solar Sensor Lights

To have your INCX Solar Motion Sensor Lights Outdoor work the best for you, keep the following points in your mind.

1. Appropriate Sun Exposure

As solar lights are powered by the sun, therefore they have to be placed in appropriate settings. That means they don’t receive enough energy from the sun. as they require several hours of direct sunlight, so check to see if your lights have been placed in the right position or not.

2. Regular Clean Up

To have your solar light work the best, try to maintain its clean-up once or twice a month. You just have to remove the debris with a brush first and then wipe it up with a damp cloth.

3. Look After Batteries

Before having your lights at work, try to recharge them fully for up to 12-14 hours. Also, if you are thinking of mounting them at a high place, try to check the battery power beforehand.

4. Avoid Placing It Near Street Laps

As solar lights are equipped with sensors, these sensors work according to the level of brightness in the surrounding. If you want them to work fine, make sure you don’t place them near street lamps. As because of the odd level of lightning, they may not work effectively.

5. Don’t Place Them In The Lawn

Solar lights are fragile and must not be placed in a certain place where they are at risk of damage. Often it may not be visible in the lawn, and you may end up walking over it.

Do I Need To Frequently Recharge The Batteries On My INCX Solar Motion Sensor Lights?

No, you don’t have to be worried about recharges. When charged fully, these solar motion sensor lights can last for up to 3-4 days. Also, if you keep them on, they have the option of getting recharged automatically.

How Much Sun Exposure Does It Require To Recharge The INCX Solar Motion Sensor Lights?

To recharge your solar motion sensor lights INCX fully, you have to expose it to the sunlight for about 6-8 hours. It will get charged even if the sun is not too bright. Additionally, the sun helps to power the solar panels that in turn recharges the batteries.

Can I Have The INCX Solar Sensor Lights In My Driveway?

No, you cannot have INCX solar sensor lights in your driveway because they might get damaged by a car or even walk over it as the materials used in these solar lights are way too sensitive and may face breakage.

Will Solar Motion Sensor Lights By INCX Remain On Throughout The Day?

The answer to this depends: these lights are motion sensor lights and not ordinary lights, the need to detect motion to turn on. This means that whenever there is motion in front of it, the lights will turn up automatically.


To sum it up, investing in solar motion sensor light can be the best decision of your life. However, you have to take care of them as they are flimsy, but they can last you for a long time with the right care.

Hopefully, this article has helped you discover the wonderful features of INCX Solar Motion Sensor Lights. Do keep in mind the above tips to have the most from your solar motion sensor lights.

So, what are you waiting for? Order yourself one now!
Have a Bright day ahead!

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