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How Effective is GVSHINE Solar Panel Lighting Kit?

How Effective is GVSHINE Solar Panel Lighting Kit?

“Looking for a reliable power source to keep you light up after a hurricane? Or are you simply looking for an alternate power source to cut down on electricity bills? Or are you a chronic camper (like me) and need an effective, independent power supply system for your camps?”

[30W Panel Foldable] GVSHINE Solar Panel Lighting Kit, Solar Home DC System Kit for Emergency, Hurricane, Power Outage with 5 USB Solar Charger LED Light Bulb and 5 Cellphone Charger/5V 2A Output

Either way, you’re looking for a durable, reliable, and independent power source that can keep supply basic electricity needs at a reasonable price. Particularly one that can keep the lights running all night.

Thankfully, the GVSHINE Solar Panel Lighting Kit brings your search to an end.

This solar lighting kit has proven to be a lifesaver in cases of emergency power outages. It is very easy to install and weighs so little compared to its functions.

It features a 12AH power box that can be charged using the solar panel or an AC to DC adapter. This power box is furnished with four USB LED bulbs. The USB bulbs come with very long cables, making them suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The power box also features 5V 2A fast charging USB outlets for charging your devices.

That’s not all, though. The GVSHINE solar panel lighting kit is very durable. Most reviewers attest to this fact as some of them have owned and used this device for over four years. How good can this get?

Well, you’ll find out just how good it can get if you stay with me. Keep reading.

GVSHINE (HKYH1003) Specifications

Wattage: 30 Watts

Solar Panel: Polycrystalline silicon (14V 30W)

Panel Design: Foldable

Battery: LiFePO4 9.6V 12AH

Charging Time: 6 – 8 hours (direct sunlight)

Light Source: 2x 2W LED + 2x 3W LED

Cable Length: 5 meters (for each USB bulb and power box, respectively)

Connector Type: 5V 2A USB

Compatible Device: Cellular phones.

ON/OFF: Separate switch for each bulb, whole switch for power box

Product Dimensions: 7.09 x 4.33 x 3.5 inches

Weight: 9.9 pounds

Package Contains:

  • 30W foldable solar panel
  • 12AH power system
  • 2W LED + 3W LED (2 pcs each)
  • Supporting shelves (3 pcs)
  • Android phone charging cords (3 pcs) + iPhone converter plug
  • Galvanized spanner
  • 8 pcs M3 Hexagon Nuts (stainless steel)
  • 6pcs M6*60 expansion bolts (stainless steel)

Key Features of GVSHINE Solar Panel Lighting Kit

  • Easy Installation Emergency Power Supply

Power outages are bound to follow a hurricane, flood, snowstorm, and almost every natural disaster. Unfortunately, the darkness can go on for way longer than expected. It is often highly inconvenient.

GVSHINE (HKYH1003) provides an easy way to meet your basic electricity needs in such situations. It is an off-grid power supply and completely independent. The best part is you can install it yourself and have your home lighted in minutes. Plus, you do not have to incur any additional cost after you purchase the set.

The USB bulbs have very long cables (5 meters each) to be wired to separate rooms. USB extensions can be used to extend bulbs to farther rooms in the house.

It also has USB outlets and an iPhone converter plug for charging your devices. This feature is very useful in emergencies and even when out camping. It ensures your devices are powered up to keep you connected to loved ones and news.

  • Waterproof and Flexible Solar System

GVSHNE (HKYH1003) is waterproof. The solar panel is an IP65 waterproof grade. It is the same grade as most professional outdoor solar systems. This means it can be left mounted all year round without any fear of malfunctioning due to rainfall or snow. All you need to do is sweep the snow off the panel surface after a snowfall. This is necessary to keep the panel exposed to direct sunlight and have it charging.

The polycrystalline foldable solar system is also very flexible and can be mounted on just about any surface. It can sit well on curved roofs, tents, trailers, trucks, boats, cabins, and many irregular surfaces.

  • Strong 12AH Power System

GVSHINE solar panel lighting kit features a strong, high-power 12AH battery. The battery can be charged using the included solar panel and an AC to DC power adapter. Charging with a solar panel takes 6 to 8 hours to charge fully; it takes about 3 hours to charge fully using the AC/DC adapter. The indicator light comes on once connected to the solar panel.

On a single charge, the battery can keep your house lighting for up to 14 hours when using two 2W LED bulbs. Battery life reduces to about 12 hours when using the two 3W LED bulbs. It falls further to 7 hours when all four bulbs are in use. Essentially, you can keep your home illuminated all night using two bulbs (instead of all four to conserve energy).

Remember that in addition to illuminating your home, your devices are also charging. That’s super convenient. Once the power box is turned on, the voltage needle points green and indicates how much battery power is available. All five outlets are automatically on and ready to give off power once the box is turned on. Bulbs have individual switches for turning them on and off as necessary.

NB: The device is not designed to charge laptops, though, and does not have an AC/DC charger in the box.

  • Lightweight and Multi-purpose System

Weighing only about 9.9 pounds, the GVSHINE solar panel lighting kit is very portable, especially considering its functionality. Its size makes it convenient for camping trips because it would neither take up much space nor constitute a heavy load.

It also has a variety of uses. It can be used as indoor home lighting, outdoor lighting (garden, yard, and even parties), and camping tent lighting. The solar panel absorbs solar energy fast; even in transit, it can also be used as lighting for boats and RVs.

The Verdict

While natural disasters and their ensuing consequences (power outages) cannot be completely avoided, darkness and dead phones can be. A good way to do that would be to purchase the GVSHINE solar panel lighting kit.

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